Allergic Girl Interview with Parents of Allergic Kids, June 2018

Parents of Allergic Kids is a 1200+ member nonprofit located in the Charlotte, NC metro and they are doing a series of interviews with educators, entertainers, and innovators in the food allergic community. I am honored to be one of them!


Here’s a snippet: Parents of Allergic KidsWhat advice would you give a newly diagnosed family?

Allergic Girl: Know this: You are not alone. And there is plenty you can do right now to arm yourself with the necessary medical knowledge and tools to help your child and your family navigate this diagnosis, such as:

· Connect with an allergist who is familiar with food allergies, and up to date on the latest research and interventions.

· Get a personalized anaphylaxis action plan from your allergist.

· Make certain you understand your diagnosis fully; if you don’t schedule a consultation with 
your allergist to go over questions.

· Communicate your food allergy needs to those around you in a clear and factual way.

· Carry your emergency medication with you at all times.


You can read more on the Parents of Allergic Kids site and more about them here or on Facebook here.

Thank you, PAK Charlotte, keep up the excellent work!


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