Allergy Girl Review: Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus

I have very few appliances here in my tiny New York Kitchen, because…tiny kitchen.

Here's one of only two counter spaces I have.

I had a Oster blender but after many years it died and I haven’t yet replaced it.

I have a Toastmaster hand mixer that was my mom’s, so it’s maybe 30 or 40 years old and still runs just fine, thank you. I use it for whipping cream and making cakes, mainly.

I have a Braun immersion hand blender from my high school years that I use for creaming soups and bean dishes and it still works well.

But a food processor or mini chopper? I don’t have one of those. Do I need one? Would there be enough room? Would I actually use it?

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus

The answer is yes, yes and yes!

I’ve had this little Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus beauty a week and have already made a bunch of things that I could have made by hand with elbow grease (or with my blender if I still had one) but boy, is this easy.

I made nut-free pesto, sesame-free hummus, whipped cream and guacamole in a snap!

And this little precious pinkie takes up very little room. Some more pros and cons.

Great color
Takes up little counter space, small footprint
Dish washable
Makes small amounts of the desired recipe, which for one or two people dining in is great
Is quick, in a few presses of a button, the work is done

The entire device shutters when working so place your hands on the closed cover while it works

Now my question is: after the honeymoon period and after a few weeks, will I be using the Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus  on the reg? Unknown but I’ll check back.


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