Allergic Girl Event: Adult Bat Mitzvah, Compostable Tableware by Repurpose [Sponsored]

With 55 guests attending, eating and drinking at my recent adult bat mitzvah, I felt it was important to have plates, cups and flatware that would not contribute to mountains of landfill or the mounting islands of floating garbage in our oceans.

I wanted party tableware that was not merely disposable but compostable, made from corn or soy or bamboo that would break down easily in our environment and leave little to no waste. 

Here are some explanations about the different options from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Enter Repurpose products, 100% compostable party ware, and they have everything I needed to be able to serve lunch and drinks, guilt-free.

Repurpose family of products

Here’s more about Repurpose products:

Repurpose products are made from plants - which are annually renewable resources. Repurpose compostables are currently produced from the annually renewable resource corn (maize), the lowest cost and most widely available fermentable sugar in the world as well as sugar cane and bamboo. 


You can find Repurpose products here:

Twitter: @repurpose
Instagram: @repurpose


Thank you Repurpose products  for all that you do to reduce the amount of plastics in our environment and offer high quality, durable, and guilt-free renewable alternatives!


*Disclosure: Samples of 
Repurpose products were gifted to me for this event and this is a sponsored post; however, I was not paid for this post and opinions remain my own. Here are my policies regarding my sponsored posts.*


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