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Here is some very exciting news for both the allergy and celiac communities and me and YOU. The Spring issue of Allergic Living magazine will have an American version, with an article about dining out safely by yours truly!

From AL press release:

Allergic Living Launches!

Great news – Allergic Living magazine, which started in Canada, is launching a full U.S. edition with its Spring issue! The new magazine is published in April, and if you subscribe by April 15, you can still get the launch issue – which promises to be spectacular – as part of your subscription.

The Launch Issue includes:

- Allergic Living’s Guide to Smart, Safe Dining – thorough and empowering information from allergy coach and author Sloane Miller. This article is loaded with advice that will have you and yours dining out safely and often. Also: tips from top chefs including Ming Tsai and Susur Lee. This article is a must-read for anyone dealing with food allergies or celiac disease.

- An in-depth report on a brand new and very promising peanut allergy vaccine.

- The Food Allergy Experts: Renowned allergists Dr. Scott Sicherer and Dr. Hemant Sharma answer reader questions.

- Gluten-free baking with the Gluten-free Goddess herself, Karina Allrich. For Spring: a gorgeous carrot cake and soda bread.

- Columns from FAAN’s Julia Bradsher and Gina Clowes of the AllergyMoms blog on the “new normal” after diagnosis.

- Gluten-free columns from Shauna James Ahern – aka Gluten-free Girl – and dietitian and author Shelley Case.

- Fresh and delicious Spring recipes from Food Editor Chef Simon Clarke. Allergy-friendly and gluten-free.

- Trees of Sneeze, a surprising cross-America guide. Plus tips to find pollen allergy relief, just in time for spring, and much more.

More good news. Allergic Living is great value at $29.99 for 2 years but, for a limited time, the magazine is also offering FAAN members a special discount: $10 off a 2-year subscription ($19.99) or $5 off a 1-year subscription ($14.99).

I highly recommend subscribing. Click here - or go to, click the Subscribe/Renew button. If you are a FAAN member living in the U.S., enter this promotion code: org2365FAAN

If you have any questions about subscribing, contact Allergic Living at or 1-888-771-7747.


Gab said…
I'll definitely be subscribing, but I feel like this pub (and Living Without) is very gluten free leaning, not really equal-opportunity allergic.
Allergic Girl® said…
i feel like AL mag is like O mag for those of us with FA. :-) (i havent read living without yet...)
Gab said…
we shall see. still, it's great to have a pub dedicated to the food allergic/celiac community!
GwenS said…
Sloane, thanks much for posting, and for comparing All. Living to O. :) FYI Gab, if AL skews a little more to 1 or the other - it's toward food allergy. My bias, as someone with multiple F.A.

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