As many of you long time readers may know, I don’t frequent chain restaurants for the simple reason that we don’t really have them where I live in Manhattan. However, there is one chain that we do have here in NYC that I frequent often: Chipotle. I’ll stop in for a business meeting/work lunch, a quick lunch without work colleagues, before an evening event or before theater. Friends often suggest it to me for a casual food allergy friendly bite with this Allergic Girl because it has something for everyone. And it’s my new saving grace when I travel.

Why all this Chipotle love? Food with integrity is their motto. They like to treat animals well. You can dine there as a vegan, vegetarian or full on meat-eater. It’s less than 10 bucks for a meal.

But for me, the biggest attraction is that anywhere in the country that I may go, I can dine at Chipotle and be assured that: “We use no peanuts, tree nuts or any other kind of nuts in our food.” That means I seek out Chipotle on my google maps GPS whatever city I may be in and dine there, often. After an Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies book event in Philly, guess where the event organizer suggested taking us for dinner that’s safe for her food allergic child and me? Chipotle.

Chipotle: food allergy friendly - we love what you're doing -keep doing it!


Stacey said…
I particularly love the allergen card they have available at the counter.
Anonymous said…
They are very friendly to gluten free eaters too!
Nikki said…
I used to eschew Chipotle as fare for people seeking anglicized Mexican food. No longer. Chipotle is a staple on my fast-food map of things to eat!
Unknown said…
We LOVE Chipotle. It is our go to place. My daughter has a peanut allergy and I'm anaphylactic to cucumbers, and I recently decided to go meat, dairy, and wheat free at least for awhile. Last night I was out and about and starving and loved that I could run in Chipotle and get a vegan salad for $6.50! And it was amazingly delicious. I've loved it since it first started here in Denver, and loved it even more since having an allergic child and developing allergies myself.
Elizabeth said…
Chipotle is my go to place as well! LOVE LOVE LOVE the barbacoa! Yum!
Unknown said…

I've been following your blog for a while. My 7 yr old (almost 8) has both a treenut and peanut allergy since the age of 3. Good about chipotle, always good to have more options.

I tried to click on the email link but it didn't work (I think it's something with my settings). So, I thought I'd ask my question here - hope that's okay. I came accross Eleni's Bakery in the Chelsea market? There website states they are nut free. I was planning to contact them to confirm. However, I was just wondering if you had ever tried them.

I'm am taking my daughter to a show in the Union Square area on Saturday and if I could take her to a safe bakery for a treat for the first time - this will be one very happy little girl!.

Thanks your blog provides so much helpful information and good reading.

we <3 Chipotle. My gf is allergic to legumes, and our local store is great about not cross-contaminating with bean juice. Plus, the ingredient listings on the website help immensely.
Johnna said…
I LOVE Chipotle. I'm gluten-free and vegetarian and can always count on getting a safe meal at Chipotle. When traveling, they are first on my list of places to eat!
Tara said…
We love Chipotle as well-- I even send them fan email praising them for their no nuts policy. It is such a relief not to have the think about anything allergy-related while ordering!
They cook in soybean oil though so a no-go for someone like me with a soy allergy...

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