Anxiety in Food Allergic Children, Study

Study: "EAACI: Food allergies in children cause anxiety and loneliness, have dramatic impact on their quality of life"

"The burden of food allergies and the risk they can escalate to life-threatening diseases is particularly heavy on children, whose normally active and sociable lifestyle can be severely limited and frustrated by the effort to keep them away from potentially dangerous food. According to a study presented at the 2011 Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Meeting by the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI), held Feb 17-19 in Venice, Italy, 23 percent of allergic children are no longer curious to try new food to vary their diet, considered too monotonous by most of them. A child out of ten also gives up crucial physical activity for fear of anaphylactic shock triggered by exercise."

Is this you or your child? Going over the risks with your board certified medical provider can be the first steps to helping you and your child re-enter life safely.

My new book Allergic Girl is another resource as I address this very issue. Whether you are a food allergic and anxious adult or the parent of a food allergic child wherein you and your child are feeling anxious, add fun back to your food allergic life.


Jenny said…
What a great point to bring up. My daughter has a very severe allergy and it has given her some anxiety. I'm happy to say we have worked through this with her (and continue to do so) and it really helps. She is a pretty adventurous kid, despite the occasional anxiety and we encourage her in that. She likes to try new foods and also to participate in physical activities. Her number one source of stress is restaurants, but we are working on that, too. Great book! I'm reviewing it on my blog next week. Thanks for providing such a wonderful resource, Sloane.
Poker Chick said…
I totally believe this. Certainly, it forces a child to accept a higher level of responsibility earlier than they otherwise would - so forces maturity, in a way. I read a study once that said that mothers of children with food allergies were affected the most regarding anxiety. I believe that, too. There needs to be more research on this subject; perhaps it will help make the naysayers rethink their attitudes.
Unknown said…
Hi Sloane Is this book available in Australia yet or any of your others? I have just started writing a blog called nutallergymum as I have a severe Tree Nut Allergy and my son to Peanuts so I would love to read this and maybe write an article about it. Here in Australia there are very few books available for people with allergies to read. Thank you
Unknown said…
Hi Sloane I was wondering if this book is available in Australia yet? I write a blog called nutallergymum and would love to read it and write and article about it as here in Australia we don't seem to have a great deal of books available for allergy sufferers. I have a severe allergy and so does my son to Peanuts which is why I started blogging.

Thank you

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