Food Allergies, College

From an article in USA Today:

“The allergic student of even a few years ago might have had to take chances, pester cooks about ingredients or just skip eating anything made in a public kitchen altogether. But as allergies seem to have become more common — and as allergy sufferers and advocates have become more aggressive in lobbying for accommodations – dining services officials are beginning to act. Many college and university dining halls have adopted signs that point out common allergens, while others offer frozen meals and special items like gluten-free bread so students with allergies can have the social experience of eating with their friends.”

This is great news!

However, if your college isn’t yet up to speed, I talk about how to dine allergen-free whilst at college in my new book Allergic Girl.


Elizabeth said…
This indeed is wonderful news! Luckily (I think) I didn't know that I had CD while in college (although I did and just didn't feel well all of the time). I can't imagine trying to combat a food allergy while in school. It's nice to see that steps are being made in the right direction. Thanks for the article!
Not before time. I almost starved the year I spent at Vassar in 1989 (an exchange student). I'd never before been on a campus where the only way one could eat was to eat college food. We don't do it that way in the UK.

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