Mrs. Leepers, Gluten-Free

This is a mysterious little brand: Mrs. Leepers.

I’ve seen them at my local supermarket for years and never tried until recently. One night, desperate for some GF pasta and not wanting to run to a specialty store, I picked up a bag of Mrs. Leepers Radiatore corn & veggie pasta. With only four ingredients, I thought: Okay can’t be bad. And it’s wasn’t bad but I didn’t love it either. The pasta cooked up quickly, al dente, but it lacked any real vegetable flavor; also the radiatores fell apart relatively easily. As I was hungry, and in a pinch, I thought: it’ll do. But I wouldn’t seek it out for a meal. Also the website has no salient information about the company, their allergen policies, anything really. Hurm, so overall, meh.

I only mention them as they seem to have very good distribution, at least here in NYC, and I’m wondering how and why as I never hear them talked about on blogs or reviewed. Thoughts? Have you tried Mrs. Leepers? Loved it? Am I missing something wonderful here? Do tell.


Unknown said…
I remember trying this a few years ago and the radiatores also fell apart for me. I didn't buy them again.
G.F.Veg said…
where are they available in nyc? interested to try them...just to have an alternative. mostly i do well w trader joe for most pasta and tinkyada for lasagna.
M Christine said…
I have only tried Mrs. Leeper's Rice Vegetable Twists and really like them when I make a pasta salad . It is so similar to the taste of Barilla's pasta tri-color twists, that even my family will eat it (none of them have problems with gluten).
Gab said…

you're good to put the bad reviews up with the good ones. I rarely put up meh reviews, but maybe I should? it will be interesting if you hear from them after the fact?
I've used Mrs. Leepers pastas for about 2 years with no complaint. I find that if I very slightly undercook them, they fall apart less. My family can't tell them apart from "regular" pasta; however, the main consumer of this pasta is my 3 year old. If he eats it, it must be good, as food allergies have left him VERY selective about foods.
Amy said…
Our family tried their gluten-free mac and cheese and did not "leep" for joy. The noodles broke apart and the sauce was blaaaaaaah. They were on a really good sale, so I bought 5 boxes. I found ways to make them work with doctoring, but definitely not worth the retail price. In the realm of GF pastas, we prefer trader joe's brown rice pasta and Tinkyada for "fun" shapes.

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