Guittard Chocolate, Allergen-Friendly

I met the Guittard company in 2010, at the Natural products Expo East. In business since the 1850s, Guittard creates chocolate confections for retail consumers and commercial food manufacturers as well as chefs. Their chocolate comes in blocks, bars, chips, powders and discs for easy melting. It is also country specific, cocoa content specific and made by hand. All which means that Guittard is serious about chocolate. 

And all that seriousness usually that means nuts for many candy, confection and chocolate manufacturers. At the very least, it doesn’t not mean nuts. Many chocolate companies of this caliber don’t or can’t guarantee that they don’t have nuts in the facility everywhere. Or they don’t have a clear policy in place. Or they may have a policy but they may not communicate that policy or stance on their company website.

Not so with Guittard. At the 2010 Natural Products Expo East, I talked with a regional sales representative who said: “We are gluten-free and peanut-free and I will have to check about tree-nuts.” (Their packaging now has “produced in a peanut-free and gluten-free facility” right on the package, see above.) The sales rep followed up a few weeks later, sending me samples to try and a document with the full food allergen scoop. Here is Guittard's allergen statement (PDF) and here is  their allergen information on their website’s FAQ.

From the Guittard website:

Q: Are your chocolate products gluten-free?
A: Our products and our processing are gluten free.

Q: Do your chocolate products contain nuts?
A: While our facility is peanut-free, almonds are used in some chocolate products made at GuittardClick here to view our comprehensive statement about the use of almonds at Guittard.

They are not dairy free or soy free.


The presence of almonds in their facility did not deter me from trying with a safe friend with meds at the ready. I had no reactions and have now tried several of their products since without issue. Including the chickpea chocolate cluster recipe by Chic Naturals that I reviewed so glowingly recently.

*"May contain" labeling is a very individual decision and one you should discuss with your allergist for the best plan for you.*

The Guittard chocolate is delish, they have a full range of options and they are in Whole Foods  as well as other retails outlets and are available on as well.


Thank you  Guittard for making a delicious line of chocolate confections.


Anonymous said…
YAYAY!!!!!!!!!!! So glad that you found this. :-D

How do you go about getting some? Do they have a website? If so, what is it? :-D
Unknown said…
This is great info. The feedback I got a few months ago from Guittard wouldn't ensure nut-free cross contamination. This is wonderful. Thanks! I will be sharing with friends~
Allergic Girl said…

Guittard has almonds in their facility as the PDF of their allergen policies from 2006 states - see the link on the blog post.

That may not work for you and your family so please double check again with them directly about your needs.

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