Katz Gluten Free, Powdered Doughtnuts

Courtesy of Katz Gluten Free

Katz Gluten Free is now making doughnuts, powdered ones. They started the roll out during Chanukah as fried foods are traditional to celebrate the miracle of lights and sufganiyot in particular. (Here is a GF sufganiyot recipe from Gluten-Free by The Bay from 2006.)
Post-holiday season, Katz Gluten Free is rolling out these beauties as a permanent fixture on their GF canon of goodies. They sent me a sample pack.  I had a sliver just to test, which turned into a Cookie Monster moment. Cake-y, not fried tasting and light (as light as a cake-y based doughnut will be which is not much), it was a delight. Here are the ingredients of the powdered doughnuts from the website: "gluten free flour (white rice, corn starch, tapioca),  water, sugar, eggs, canola oil,  baking powder, xanthan gum,  salt,  confection sugar."

*Nota Bene: Katz Gluten Free also sent me their two other doughnut offerings, custard filled and jelly filled to try. These products didn't have a complete ingredient label on the package nor a complete listing on the website: "custard filling" and "jelly filling" is not enough information. So, I did not test nor can I review those products yet. As per my sampling policy (listed here), I did mention my label concerns to Katz Gluten Free as a problem both for me, individually, and as a blogger, and for the food allergic, food intolerant communities; we cannot eat anything without proper and clear labels. Katz Gluten Free assured me that said they were working to correct the oversight. When that happens, I will happily review.*

All Katz Gluten Free  products are gluten-free, nut free, dairy-free and made in afacility that is free of those items (NOT egg free though). They keep turning out treats that are Kosher and too good! I’d ask the to stop for my waistline’s sake but no, Katz Gluten Free keeps going.  

Thank you, Katz Gluten Free!


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