Atlas Room, Washington DC

This email below comes from a regular Allergic Girl blog reader.  She uses all of The Steps I talk about on this blog and in my book:

Dining out with safe friends (people who understand your medical needs)
Contacting a restaurant ahead of time
Emailing a detailed request
Receiving a very positive response from the restaurant
Still proceeding with caution on site
Checking in and reiterating needs once there with staff and server
Eating well and safely
And… having what sounds like a lovely evening


I emailed you once before - about my friend's wedding at the Biltmore Estate. Well, I have another great place to dine as an individual with severe food allergies here in DC. Atlas Room. I had reservations there with a couple of my good friends (actually the ones who were married at the Biltmore Estate), I looked at their menu online and was quite nervous. I emailed the Atlas Room a few days before dining there b/c I wanted to know if we would have to change our dinner reservations.

By the end of the day, they had emailed me back informing me that they had spoken with the chef, and they attached a menu detailing what was completely safe, what they could modify and what I should completely avoid b/c it couldn't be modified. They promptly answered my questions of how the various dishes would be modified. When I arrived for dinner, I informed the host that I was the member of the Smith party who had emailed earlier in the week about the allergies, the host knew who I was and when we were seated the waiter knew all of my allergies and was able to promptly answer any questions I had and assured me of their best handling practices when it came to my dinner. I even had dessert, which I normally pass on due to the looming fear of the unknown. 

I know that you are always looking for places that are food-allergy friendly and Atlas Room will certainly be getting much more of my business.


Great job, Sarah and thank you for sharing!


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