Biltmore Estate, Food Allergies

The below comes from a regular Allergic Girl blog reader, Portside. It was a such a nice story, I wanted to share it with all of you. (With her permission, natch.)

"I was in attendance at a wedding at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC this past weekend. As per usual, I passed along my list of allergies to my good friends who were getting married and they in turn passed along my info to the chef for the weekend. My good friends assured me that the chef assured them that if he had any questions he would get in touch with me ahead of time. All of the servers were briefed about my allergies and knew all of the ingredients on my plate - special consideration was made in assembling my courses and in some instances received a completely different course.

After the dinner and during the dancing on Saturday night, I got a chance to speak with the chef and he was so sweet and very understanding. Apparently, his wife also has a handful of severe allergies and food intolerances. I have never felt as comfortable (save for my own) as I did during the rehearsal and wedding dinners.

If you ever find yourself in Asheville and at the Biltmore Estate, definitely check out the Executive Chef."

I love it when that happens, thanks for sharing, Portside!


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