Health Department, Food Allergies

Back in 2007, when I interviewed Chef Michael Lomonaco he said: “I consider food allergies a public safety issue and part of standard and mandated safe food handling procedures.”

I totally agree.

Does the city of New York?

According to the New York Times: “On Wednesday, [July 28, 2010] as the New York City health department begins letter-grading restaurant inspections, designating an A, B or C to rate the cleanliness of more than 24,000 restaurants in the five boroughs, it is also activating a new Web site that will “offer much more information and be more user-friendly,” said Daniel Kass, a deputy commissioner.”

My question is how does cleanliness (i.e. “standard and mandated safe food handling procedures”) relate to allergen-free-ness?

I don’t have a hard and fast answer - but I wonder.

What do you think?


Willow said…
allergies = a public safety issue. Definitely!

In my experience, folks with super clean kitchens are also more likely to be concerned with cross contamination when it comes to allergy issues. Wouldn't be surprised if it were the same with restaurants.

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