Bisquick, Gluten-Free

I was in upstate New York last week and the local Price Chopper had gluten-free Bisquick, an unassuming little box on the bottom shelf in the cake mix aisle. I scooped up two.

Once back at home, I prepared gluten-free pancakes according to the directions using Lactaid milk, organic eggs and organic Canola oil. We added organic blueberries and topped with organic grade A maple syrup. We cooked the gluten-free Bisquick pancakes on a professional Viking range with a flat top griddle.

So basically, the conditions were close to ideal for pancakes.

The consensus from gluten-free eaters and gluten eaters? Pretty darn close to regular pancakes. In this first tasting, they weren't heavy or sponge-y, crumble-y or glue-y as many of gluten-free brands in the past have proven to be. The gluten-free Bisquick pancake mix could be used thinner for a savory or sweet crepe, as well as the other recipes on the back. (Time to play, I think.) I could see these rolling out commercially.

Betty Crocker do you hear that? If you make these commercially available to restaurant and foodservice, we could have pancakes when we go to brunch! Restaurants and foodservice would simply need to mix in clean bowl with uncontaminated additional ingreds and utensils and make in a clean pan, how hard is that?

I may try gluten-free Bisquick scones next. Have any of you tried the mix yet?


~M said…
You could try making impossible pies or quiche with bisquick.

Here's an example (very tasty!):
zebe912 said…
I had absolutely no idea that Bisquick had even considered a GF version, much less released it. I tend to just make up my own flour blend, but this would be nice to have for camping & such!
Melissa said…
I made the gf-Bisquick pancakes with blueberries and smashed bananas in the batter and they were great. I wish sugar wasn't the 2nd ingredient in the mix though. I wouldn't think about using it for anything savory. Sugar's not even IN their original mix.
Unknown said…
Melissa said...
" I wish sugar wasn't the 2nd ingredient in the mix though."

Get real -- sugar is the >1st< ingredient! Rice flour >rapidly< converts to sugar in the body! Rice four knocks me for a glycemic loop!

Oh, for gluten-free AND low-carb baking ...

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