Poster, NYC

There’s been a quiet roll-out of the mandated food allergy poster in the city of New York.

Here is the letter from the Department of Health:

Here is a sample of the poster:

Here is the poster in the kitchen of a restaurant in NYC:

And here is the law.

Initial reactions?


My reaction? Completely AWESOME. How much did you have to do with this new law, you amazing woman? :)

PS. The most important part of the poster is "DON'T GUESS".
The poster looks like the one-sheet I've been handing out for the past 8 years to the schools every fall.

- Pictures are key

- Simple message is key

When in doubt LEAVE IT OUT!

It's all wonderful...


jamie.winchell said…
Fantastic! Only... why put "can" instead of "are"? That really packs a punch: FOOD ALLERGIES ARE SERIOUS.

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