Le Veneziane Gluten-Free, Gremolata

Trust is the cornerstone of every good relationship; with food allergies, it becomes even more vital. Having friends, partners, dates and restaurants that you can trust is ideal: ultimately you want to be able to trust everyone in your orbit.

Trust with a restaurant is a beautiful thing and like any other relationship, it’s created over time and trial. With a resto though, it involves lots and lots of eating.

Nizza has been one of my haunts for the last year, as in I go weekly. I usually have the same dish; I know it, I trust it and I like [ahem, love] it. Every time I go, I remind the manager, the chef and the server of my food allergies. Even though they know them by heart. Recipes change, formulations change, staff changes; it’s my job to remind them of what my needs are.

Last week, GM Benjamin said they had a special of gremolata with pasta [le veneziane gluten-free pasta for me] and peas and asparagus. I thought, that sounds safe - is it? Trying a new dish or straying away from a safe favorite is scary. It’s starting all over again. And even with a trusted restaurant, with trusted staff and a trusted chef, I do the routine: go over every ingredient and remind them of what my needs are. And I smile, a lot.

Because I’m a regular (tips on becoming a regular here and here), I find restaurants are ready and willing to work with me and my milliondy questions.

In this dish, it was fairly straightforwardly delicious: le veneziane gluten-free pasta, the gremolata (which is totally my new favorite thing and I will be making some at home and adding it to everything), grated Parmesan, a little butter, a little GF pasta water and the veg.

Totally easy and yum and now I have something new to add to the menu of my faves at this resto.

Do you have the same dish over and over? When was the last time you tried a special or an off-menu item at a trusted restaurant? What happened? Do tell!


Kathy said…
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