Dr Oz, Food Allergies

This is from an article last week on Dr. Mehmet Oz’s site written by Dr. Mark Hyman. It's called "The Anti-Allergy Diet" and this is the lead: "Are hidden food allergies making you gain weight? Mark Hyman, MD, has a 3-week anti-allergy diet to help get your system back on track so you can start shedding pounds."

Food allergies are very serious and can be life threatening; a food allergy does not cause weight gain. The only “anti-allergy” diet for those of use with an IgE mediated food allergy is strict avoidance of the allergen. Go to reliable medical source for information about the difference between food allergy and food intolerance. If you suspect you have a food allergy, see a board certified allergist.

Here's a helpful video about food allergy (specifically peanut allergies) from Dr Robert Wood at Johns Hopkins hospital (through Kids with Food Allergies).

Here's another helpful series of slideshows and videos about food allergies from my colleague Dr. Mike Pistiner.

And you can find all the top websites for reliable food allergy information on my website Allergic Girl.


subaruthie said…
Wow. What a poor excuse for medical advice! I can only hope that Dr. Oz will remove it once people bring this to his attention and he actually reads what he is promoting.

Of course dairy causes weight gain! It's full of fat, and people eat way too much of it.

And of course dairy causes digestive upset! Adults aren't meant to still drink milk after infancy. Some people can handle modest amounts of cheese or yogurt, but most don't understand the difference between lactose intolerance and milk allergy (I had this argument with a pharmacist while checking inactive ingredients on a prescription for my husband once!).

Advice such as that on Dr. Oz's site only perpetuates myths that many of us have to fight all the time for the health of our loved ones with food allergies.

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