Gluten Sensitivity,

Going gluten-free? The Wall Street Journal reports on a "New Guide to Who Really Shouldn't Eat Gluten". From the Wall Street Journal:

"Aiming to clarify the situation, a group of 15 experts from seven countries is proposing a new classification system for the gluten-related disorders plaguing a growing number of people around the world for unknown reasons. The proposal defines a spectrum of illnesses based on the kind of immune defenses people mount to gluten, from wheat allergies to autoimmune responses, such as celiac disease, in which the body mistakenly attacks its own tissue. Other autoimmune forms include dermatitis herpetiformis, which causes itchy skin lesions, and gluten ataxia, which affects brain tissue, resulting in unsteady gait and lack of motor control. The experts also propose a third category for "gluten sensitivity," in which patients report the same symptoms as celiac disease but test negative for telltale antibodies. Some doctors have dismissed such complaints as imaginary, or fueled by the boom in gluten-free foods."

Read more on The Wall Street Journal website.


JayB said…
"Some doctors have dismissed such complaints as imaginary,"

My mother was told her suffering from celiac disease was "imaginary" for 15 years. Doctor almost killed her with improper diagnosis of a very real condition. Just sayin... :)

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