NIAID, Food Allergy Guidelines

Have you read the NIH/NIAID guidelines for food allergies yet?  

From the NIH/NIAID website:

Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergy in the United States:
Food allergy is a public health problem that affects children and adults and may be increasing in prevalence. Currently, there is no treatment for food allergy; the disease can only be managed by allergen avoidance or treatment of symptoms. The diagnosis of food allergy also may be difficult because non-allergic food reactions, such as food intolerance, are often mistakenly classified as food allergies. To address these concerns, NIAID worked with 34 professional organizations, federal agencies, and patient advocacy groups to develop concise clinical guidelines for healthcare professionals on the diagnosis and management of food allergy and the treatment of acute food allergy reactions.

And here are the guidelines.  

Download them and highlight any questions you have to discuss at your next appointment with your board certified allergist.


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