Resources, Allergen-Free Baking Class

What a fun afternoon we had on Saturday, talking, laughing and baking in Brooklyn with me, Heidi, Brooklyn Allergy Mom and new friends!

This event was another example of my motto: Just because you have a restricted diet does not mean you have a restricted life. Including cake!  Here are some of the baking resources we discussed.

Do you have more ingredients sources, books or blogs names to add? Please do!


Ingredients suggestions/resources:

Chocolate: Hershey’s cocoa powder, Enjoy Life Chocolate chips
Flours: Maseca, Argo Corn Starch, Sweet Rice Flour, Glutinous Rice Flour, Arrowhead Mills Brown Rice Flour, Authentic Foods flours
Baking Soda: Arm & Hammer
Baking Powder: Davis Baking Powder (Double Acting) gluten-free and peanut-free
Shortening: Spectrum Organic Shortening (Palm)
Non-dairy “milk”: Rice Dream Rice Milk
Red coloring: McCormick Red Food Dye
Vanilla: Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Inc. Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract (gluten-free)
Sugar: Domino Sugars (Brown Sugar, White Sugar + Confectioners Sugar)
Gums: Bob's Red Mill Xanthan Gum

Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook - Quite simply the source for top eight free baking for home cooks/bakers. - Crowd sources cookbook by expert home cooks. Lovely tome.
Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten Free - If you want to play with pre-made mixes this is an easy fun book with some allergen substitutions.
Gluten-Free Baking - Chef Coppedge uses almond flour but well constructed recipes for chef students.

Restaurant lists for NYC:
Food allergy friend list by Allergic Girl
Gluten-free friendly list by GFbird

 I frosted these red velvet cupcakes. Can you tell how much I love frosting?

Thanks everyone for participating in this frosted fun!


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