3 Ideas for Safe Travel to NYC With Food Allergies

*UPDATED: February 21, 2013*

This email just came in last night:

I just wanted to let you know that we recently took a family trip to NYC with my daughter, who has a number of food allergies. I used your 'Allergic Girl Recommends' lists to get information on possible places to eat, and we went to some of your recommended restaurants. My daughter was very comfortable at those places...she loves it when they 'get it'.  Thank you so much for providing so much detail on your experiences at the various restaurants, it really helped us in deciding where to go and knowing what to expect. Thanks – J. from MA


I've gotten a flurry of emails lately looking for assistance for travel to New York City. There are three ways I can help if you are traveling with food allergy needs:

1. For free, have a look at my Allergic Girl Recommends website for NYC restaurant suggestions.

2. For a low fee, my lifestyle guide Allergic Girl offers general dining out strategies which you can use everywhere/anywhere.

3. Finally, for a one-time fee, I would be *your concierge*. Contact me now to get started for your New York City sojourn today!


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