Best Valentine’s Day Gift, 2013

Still looking for that perfect St. Valentine’s Day gift? One of the biggest, self-love gifts you can give is confidence and clarity about a medical diagnosis (as much as it's possible). And helping your child achieve clarity about their food allergy diagnosis now will help them learn how to self-advocate in all stages in life. (A huge, huge life-long gift.)

February 13, 2013, I was quoted in a story from the Canadian AP about dating and food allergies: "...I'm very clear about what I can and cannot do, and that kind of clarity definitely helps. And people tend to respond to that, I think, in a positive way." You can read more about dating with food allergies from the Canadian AP article: "Communication, planning can help ease dating anxiety for people with food allergies"

Want more? Here’s an excellent breakdown of how I help coaching clients create food allergy confidence and clarity by blogger Grateful Foodie who attended last month’s Blogger Summit hosted by Mylan Specialty (Makers of EpiPen and with whom I have a relationship).

Need more assistance? I’ve got your back. Contact me today about a food allergy coaching program today for expert guidance and support.


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