Bananas and Sour Cream

When I was little, visiting my grandparents in East Hampton, Long Island, my Bubby (a Jewish term for grandmother) would slice bananas and lovingly place them over sour cream; sometimes she sprinkled a little sugar on them. I loved this treat; she made it for my mother too, when she was a little girl. I associate that flavor combination with her, although I never eat it because sour cream -oy! - too rich for my lactose-intolerant palate these days.

So when Chobani Greek Yogurt sent me samples of their new product line to try, I was delighted to see bananas with two percent Greek yogurt in the package. Upon my first taste, I was instantly transported to my Bubby’s house – the sweetness of banana coupled with the creaminess of two percent yogurt, it's a way healthier and transportable version of my childhood treat. It’s my new favorite flavor, read: obsession.

In other news, Chobani recently built a new facility. Here’s the December 16, 2012 story from the New York Times. Part of their new product line includes products with tree nuts. I asked Chobani to respond to this statement from the New York Times Chobani story: "The third new product the plant will be responsible for is the Chobani Flip, a square package with one corner containing nuts, granola, dried fruits or other ingredients that can be added to the yogurt."

This was Chobani's answer:  "All allergens are processed on dedicated equipment in a segregated area with its own independent air handling system. Ingredients are kept isolated & access to the room is restricted. Employees wear special garb & follow strict protocols when entering & exiting."

Great news!

I have been enjoying Chobani without issue for a few years now. But as everyone’s needs are different, please reach out to Chobani directly if you have questions:

Meanwhile, Thank you Chobani for this healthy walk down memory lane – so yum!  


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing! I didn't even realize they were making a product with nuts now. I do eat their yogurt regularly and haven't had any problem but it's good to know about the precautions they're taking to avoid cross-contamination.
Jess Reino said…
Thank you so much for this post Sloane! I live off of Chobani blueberry yogurt. It's great to know that they take allergies seriously. I hope all is well!

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