Top 8 Free Short Ribs, The Strand

Chef Kelvin Fernandez, executive chef of the Strand Bistro created a top eight allergen free short rib recipe with parsnip puree and roasted parsnips for the fabulous Blogger Summit dinner by Mylan Specialty (makers of Epi-Pen). Here are some shots of the chefs preparing a sample rib, courtesy of Noel Malcom:

Safety first, Chef puts on his gloves
Made earlier that day, the short rib is being heated up
Red wine glaze also gets warmed and lovingly poured over the short rib
With a fresh spoon chef tastes to correct seasoning and then discards that spoon
Putting all of the elements together, parsnip puree, short rib and roasted parsnips

Making a beautiful plate
Final presentation

So delish! If you haven't made your Valentine's Day reservations and live in or near New York City, I know Chef Kelvin would love to make this or something equally yummy and safe for you.

Contact the Strand Bistro and say Allergic Girl sent you!

Strand Bistro
33 W 37th Street 
New York, 10018
Tel: 646.368.6395

PS Here's my recipe for short ribs - so easy, go make them today!


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