Food Allergies, V-Day

I wrote this status update on my Facebook Allergic Girl page last month: “One way in which new BF keeps me safe in my home: shakes contents of containers, bags or boxes (like raisins) into his hands, thus eliminating any possible cross contamination. What is one way your loved one keeps you safe?”

As Valentines Day’s looms, I’d love to hear more about:
1.    The ways you keep yourself safe?
2.    How you keep your food allergic loved ones safe?
3.    How a loved one keeps you safe?


Anonymous said…
Good question!

My boyfriend keeps peanut butter in a separate cabinet, eats it in a room I'm rarely in, and only when I'm not home. He no longer eats nuts because the crumbs and oils get on his skin and face which have caused me to break out in hives and have trouble breathing before.

He's also extremely careful (sometimes I think even more careful than I am) to avoid cross-contamination with gluten, using separate colanders, utensils, non-stick pans, etc. I even got my own toaster for my birthday this morning :)

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