Allergen-Free Marshmallows

Oh marshmallows.

I’ve previously extolled the virtues of fluff on this allergic girl blog, and vegan fluff at that.

Now we have allergen-free marshmallows from AllerEnergy and Miss Roben’s aka Allergy Grocer.

They were so good I gobbled them down before I could even take a picture of the sample! [NOTE: these goodies are NOT vegan nor processed sugar-free]

From Jay: “We have started producing these marshmallow “treets”, crème, and marshmallows in response to our customers who can’t find a suitable substitute. They are all Feingold acceptable. All are free of all top 8 allergens, gluten, corn, potato, sesame, sulfite's, GMO’s, & artificial colors or flavors.”

Can I just say "Yay!" again?


Erin said…
My allergist has me off of all wheat-related grains on top of my other food allergies (corn, milk, peanuts, soy, citrus, & potatoes). I was depressed and searching for something that was basically GF but with no corn, and I ran across these marshmallows. I haven't had marshmallows in seven years and I was so incredibily excited that there are marshmallows that I can eat out there in the world. So, my new battle cry is "Yeah! Marshmallows!" which makes me feel better when this new diet gets me down. I even have a picture of the little white fluffs in my cubicle at work.

Great blog. I'm still trying to adjust to this no wheat/barley/oats/rye/spelt/kamut thing in a town without a good health food store.
Allergic Girl® said…
hey erin
living without a great health food store is tough but ALOT of GF and allergen free products are available on amazon with free shipping over $25!

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