Allergic to Shampoo

As I mentioned in this Allergic Girl cosmetic allergies post, my favorite shampoo, Keraste, changed their formula. They added more fragrance (more?!) which made it unusable for this allergic girl.

Of course, I didn't know any of this when I purchased it after my last haircut. It wasn't until I was in the shower and using the product that I realized I was in shampoo-hell.

I went back to the hair salon to return it and let them know I was not happy with the change. As it’s now discontinued, they couldn’t exchange it for the old one--there were no old bottles left.

That is until the very clever woman behind the counter said, “The bottles in the back are the old formula. I could sell you that one, minus the price of the bottle you are returning.”

OK, the bottle is huge! These are the bottles the salon uses when they wash the customer's hair. But for a bit of an investment, a mega bottle of my favorite shampoo is now all mine... I have shampoo for two years!

So that problem was solved for the time being.

But the larger issue, the larger question remains: What do you do when your favorite cosmetic product runs out? The product that you've found doesn't make your scalp itch, your eyes water or your nose run? Do you stock up? Do you make do? Do you write the manufacturer begging for one last tube?


babysteps said…
i stock up

then i start sample shopping

or in a pinch run to the pantry (hey, olive oil followed by baking soda works better than nothing as conditioner - for a week anyway)

person and covey makes fragrance & gluten free shampoo and conditioner (the shampoo is also color-free).

Kirkman Labs makes unscented shampoo & conditioner - not sure if GF or not
I've run into this problem numerous times. I've personally found I'm highly allergic to shampoos that use organic/natural ingredients, and I actually do better when it's synthetic.

You might have good luck with DHS Shampoo (Dermatological Hair Shampoo). Ask your local pharmacy to order it for you. It works really well, and is hypo-allergenic.

Any recommendations for fragrance-free facial cream?
Allergic Girl® said…
hey major,
interesting that you do better with synthetics.

for facial cream, i use neutrogena, day cream with spf 15.

for body i use lubriderm the original one, have since i was a teen, and it's the only one that hasn't changed their formula. it works great for me....
babysteps said…
fyi, DHS is the person & covey product - can order direct if not at your local drugstore.

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