Martha Stewart Contest for Food Allergy Magazine

Gina of Allergy Moms alerted me this contest going on now over at Martha Stewart Omnimedia. They are looking for their next big idea and are considering a magazine for people like us with food allergies and food intolerances. And they are asking for votes. Yesterday when I checked out the site, the allergy mag had a slight edge of 33 percent. That has jumped to 54 percent as of this morning.

Go vote now!


kitchenmage said…
I posted on this yesterday and am thrilled to see the numbers changing so much in a day.
Allergic Girl® said…
incredible isn't it--every vote counts!
alm said…
I wonder if this has anything to do with them letting go of Blueprint? I swear I read about that somewhere.

Btw, I have no allergies at all myself (when I was a child strawberries would do me in but I grew out of it, I don't know the science, could it have just been an intolerance?), but I love to read your blog as I think being an informed friend of someone with allergies is very important (I have two close friends with monster allergies). Also, I do think the care a restaurant shows for those with allergies speaks to their care for those with other dietary restrictions (I eat fish but not most types of meat, for example), and further, to their general service level.

Thanks for the great writing!
Allergic Girl® said…
i completely agree.
thanks for your comment!
We heart smart said…
Martha's touch would certainly bring some pizazz into the lifestyles of the allergic. I'm all for allergy free "good things"!

But, don't forget about us over here at Allergic Living : )
..hey...I just randomly found your blog. I ,too am allergic to tree nuts. I have fruit and vegetable "sensitivities" so says my allergist, but I have to be wary of all fresh produce and where it comes from.

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