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Food Allergy Counseling
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

US Mills, Erewhon Cereal

I haven’t been in the cereal aisle in an age. The last time I tried an organic brand, it tasted like cardboard frankly. And that was before I went GF. So three years ago now. So much has happened.

I was wandering the aisles of the Union Square Whole Foods with Danielle who is also GF. Her quest was a decent tasting amaranth cereal. I drifted into the aisle with her and happened upon Erewhon cereals at my eye level. (On a tall day, I’m 5’2”. I can just hear K. making a snide height joke right here about eye level, so feel free to insert your own right now). Crispy rice. GF? Not a nutty facility? Organic? I was sold. (The 365 brand according to their label is produced in a contaminated facility so I passed on all of their lovely seeming product).

I had a bowl when I got home later that day and guess what I heard? Yes! Snap, crackle, and pop. Really, my friends were back and the cereal was delicious—tasted seriously close to rice krispies to me. Add some Suzanne’s Specialties ricemellow crème and I may have an organic rice-stravagaza of goodness on my hands: partially organic, rice sweetner based, GF rice krispie treats...oh my waistline, stop me now...


babysteps said...

I just discovered these a few weeks ago, from box I was expecting more "rice puff"

so was very happy to hear snap crackle pop! I even held them up to my spouse's ear


Allergic Girl said...

isnt that funny we both had an immediate aural reaction?!

Alisa said...

Well, you tell K. they will have to get past your 5' (no " following, not a typo) e-bodyguard to make those comments!

Allergic Girl said...

alisa, my similarly petite and feisty friend! LOL! petite rocks!