The Big Easy?

So things are getting too easy here in NYC.

I say this knowing I’m totally giving myself a kenahora. But I'm putting it out there: manager, chefs, waiters: they're getting it, really.

So why am I thinking such a foolhardy thing?

I took a gamble Saturday for brunch.

During a birthday celebration.

I didn’t call ahead.

I did make a beeline for the manager, Alicia who couldn’t have been sweeter, I mean seriously the nicest person ever. She said a lot of Perilla’s guests are gluten-free and come in with other assorted allergies. We discussed what I’d like from the menu: eggs over easy with some potatoes and some fruit. Basically they made me a special AG special dish. Alicia told me the server’s name, Rob, and said she’d talk to him. Indeed, the server had my order before I needed to utter a peep and Alicia breezed by to check on me, giving my shoulder a squeeze.

All so easy and lovely. I even felt relaxed enough to have a mimosa (you know I don’t drink unless I really feel comfy). And it was yum. (You’d be surprised how eggs and taters can be totally fouled up on so many levels.)

And the convo? It was stress-free (Thank you again, Perilla!). Have you started have the convo yet? Do it. Smile lots, be your sweetest self and more often than not you will be rewarded with sweetness, really.

As for me, New York is getting too darn easy (kenahora).

Definitely, time to get some other cities on the program.

Any suggestions?


Pilph said…
Chicago...Please please please!!! I went to a great tapas restuarant in suburban Naperville -what a mess. Called ahead, mgr said they'd let my server know and he had no clue. After re-announcing the nut restrictions, he allegedly took my menu back to the mgr and chef and assured me only 2 things had nuts in them. Super! Nope. We tried ordering and then he suddenly remembered that nuts was a garnish on one of our items! I freaked and couldn't eat a bite just to avoid raising a rucous, people staring, the whole 9 yd.s! Chicago needs your help, Allergic Girl!
Tina said…
Nantucket - I am planning a trip with my peanut allergic daughter and it's looking impossible. And, if you are feeling like relaxing, go to Boulder. It's the best place for foodies with allergies.
Unknown said…
I really liked this post - I learned something about Yiddish/Jewish-ness. =) And "the convo" - definitely a good guideline. I am not allergic to much of anything (kenahora!), but I think having a convo similar is good for making any accommodation (I personally have had a convo like that before).

But a place to go? Not sure - but I'm in California! =)

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