PCRM, Peter Max Studio, 2009

You may have read my Allergic Girl tweets as I strolled through the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine fundraiser on Tuesday night.

Here are their photos from that night. I'm in a few shots towards the end of the roll. I would've taken pix but Peter Max has a strict and enforced “No Pix” policy. As you can see, it's a white walled studio with a lot of Peter Max art everywhere including a cool series of portraits of Obama and a lot of those NYC cows. Remember those?

I met Chef Michel Nischan, former chef of Heartbeat and the W Hotel, now Executive Chef at The Dressing Room in Westport, CT and truly ahead of his time in cooking sustainable, organic here in NYC starting over 10 years ago at Heartbeat (yes, I went it was yum).

The Candle Cafe
team was there: Joy, Bart and Benay.

And some "tapioca cheese" people out of Canada: Daiya Foods.

I espied (read: was too shy to say hi to): Morgan Spurlock and Moby.

Colleague Fran Costigan, Diva of Dairy-Free Desserts made some delectable vegan desserts using Theo Chocolates and here they are on the Theo blog. I met Theo Chocolates a few years back at the Fancy Food Show here in NYC. Lovely folks: fairly traded chocolate, organic, vegan and soy-free. (NOT nut-free though.)

Overall, a fun night for a good cause.


Patrick said…
Great posting about PCRM. They are working on a campaign to get healthy vegetarian options offered in school lunches. You can sign their petition at www.HealthySchoolLunches.org.
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks patrick, yes the doc spoke about that very thing. thanks for the link.

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