National Peanut Board, NYC

(© Photo credit: David Handschuh)

The National Peanut Board was in town last week. They invited me to come meet and greet at the Astor Center. I went with Francine Cohen and we ran into Bret Thorn both pictured above. We were watching a demo of this drink: the Peanut Torito.

Not familiar with the National Peanut Board? They underwrote the Culinary Institute of America food allergen awareness video for one thing. Yay them!

Of course I'm well aware that there's a lot of peanut furor going on right now: tainted PB in hundreds of now recalled products (see FDA recall list here), peanuts on flights and food allergies on the sharp rise. However, I don't see the almond folks or the milk council working on food allergy awareness videos, do you? I appreciate NPB's stated commitment to food allergen awareness and hope they continue with this very important work and community outreach.


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