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I was alerted to this well-done Quick-Service Fast Casual Restaurant News’s food allergy article by a National Foundation for Celiac Awareness tweet and then it exploded over Twitter. (Seriously, are you not on Twitter yet? A lot of your food allergy faves are on there as well as breaking news and connections to community.)

Quote from Quick-Service Fast Casual Restaurant News :

The question goes to the heart of a debate over how far restaurants should have to go to accommodate anyone who comes through its front doors. As the dispute over the master ingredient list suggests, there is disagreement on this issue between food-allergy advocates and the restaurant industry. Both, however, tend to agree that restaurants need to be more aware, even if that means being aware of their own ignorance. “I think restaurants have a responsibility to be 100 percent honest with their customers,” Harrod says. If they aren’t confident they can serve people with food allergies, “they should divulge that to their customers, because that’s in everyone’s best interest.”

Definitely go check it out.


Charlotte said…
I never ever eat at Fast Food/Quick Service restaurants. The last time I did was in 1999 when I discovered my egg/poultry allergy. My reasoning was that most of the people who work in these establishments, at least in my experience, were high school and college students and are not worried nor educated about allergies.
Unknown said…
I find that, unfortunately, even places like Whole Foods don't properly list allergens in their prepared food. Oftentimes, I have spotted (and reported to staff, to no avail) different kinds of nuts in their fare -- although not cited in their allergen warning or ingredients. One has to always be extra careful-- even if an institution professes to be "sensitive"!

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