NYC Food Film Festival, 2010

Jarlsberg sponsored the NYC Food Film Festival press event last week at the Beard House. Here's some glorious cheese:

Bulldog gin (made with a lychee nut-type derivative):

Chef shucking oysters in the dappled sun:


Last year I went to an outdoor showing of Big Night, a great small film directed by Stanley Tucci (I just saw his directed revival of Lend Me A Tenor on Broadway, pairing again with Tony Shalhoub, big fun)
courtesy of the NYC Food Film Festival. They made a timpano. (I didn’t eat it, natch, but I bet I could make a gluten-free version, easily).

This will be the NYC Food Film Festival’s fourth year wherein they show a film and make the food in the film. How fun is that! And a lot of them are in cool outdoor spaces around the city. I’m looking forward to hitting up some of the NYC Food Film Festival events this year.

From the NYC Food Film Festivalwebsite:

The NYC Food Film Festival sprang from the imagination of Festival Director George Motz, the documentary filmmaker behind the award-winning Hamburger America film and book, along with co-creator and Festival Executive Chef Harry Hawk, formerly of Schnack and Water Taxi Beach. Through documentaries, features and short films, the Festival showcases the best, and the most memorable, of the world's favorite foods.
Along with a heaping helping of mouth-watering films, Motz, Hawk and company serve up the food that guests are watching on the screen for a multi-sensory, full-bodied experience.

And here’s the schedule.


Are you secretly wondering how/why anyone who’s allergic to most of the stuff they’re making would go to a film/food festival and not eat?

Here's the most direct answer I have for you: Life is about showing up.

Woody Allen supposedly said, eighty percent of success if showing up.

So make that: success in life is about showing up.

You don’t have to eat when you go. Or you can bring your own safe food. Or you can have a tipple if that's safe for you. Or you can just mingle - that's safe for everyone. Don’t not go because you can’t have the shucked oysters or the crab salad. It’s only part of the experience. Go and have your experience. My experience at the press event (surrounded by shellfish, wheat, cheese, booze and fish) was to have a glass champagne at noon – it felt indulgent. And sexy. And fun.

**If you’re concerned about being in an area with aerosolized allergen proteins, consult with your board certified allergist (you can find them here: AAAAI or ACAAI) about the real risks to you.**


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