TV Globo, Food Allergies

Last month, I had the distinct pleasure of being filmed for a Brazilian one-hour news program about the rise in allergies. You can see the TV GLOBO segment here with me talking about getting super allergic from a make-out session last summer.

I’m always thrilled when food allergies are handled well in the media and it was excellent to see a large international news organization tackle this issue sensitively. (My two girlfriends in Brazil told me the translation was great.)

Because it’s always a team effort:

A shout out to the TV Globo team, Daniel, Giuliana and Orlando for their excellent work and for a fun afternoon.

Worry-Free Dinners partners Chef Meghan Young of Dos Caminos and the Dos Caminos team for joining us.

Dear childhood friend who lives and makes her gorgeous kinetic jewels in Brazil for loaning me some baubles (enough to necessitate a security guard - thanks, Aldo), Yael Sonia.

And Paula Dorff at Bendel’s. If you watch the segment, the makeup looks natural (I think). As the make-up artist said: it’s takes a lot of work to look "natural" (about 20 minutes in my case). Paula Dorff is not an allergy-free brand but I don't have any issues with her stuff and I wear their blush, lip gloss and eye shadows all the time.

Thanks again TV Globo!


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