Ya know, I was thinking to myself at the end of Mrs Palin's speech last week, "I wonder if Heart gave the OK to use their song? Is it possible that they, Heart that is, are Republicans?"

The answer is not so much according to this New York Times snippet:

"Before Sarah Palin joined John McCain on the Republican presidential ticket, she was Sarah Barracuda, a nickname earned playing high school basketball. The McCain campaign used the name for inspiration at the convention in St. Paul last week, playing “Barracuda” by the rock group Heart as an unofficial theme song. But the sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson...of Heart, have sent a cease-and-desist letter to the campaign, asking it to stop using their song, Reuters reported. “The McCain campaign respects intellectual-property rights,” Brian Rogers, a campaign spokesman said. “Accordingly, prior to using ‘Barracuda’ at any events, we paid for and obtained all necessary licenses.” Last month the singer Jackson Browne sued Mr. McCain, the Republican National Committee and the Ohio Republican Party, accusing them of using his song “Running on Empty” without permission for a campaign ad."


Jenny said…
I wondered the same thing about Heart and the "Barracuda" song.

I was SO gratified to read about the cease and desist letter and then hear about it on CNN. Still, apparently the McCain campaign is using the song at rallies.

Some "Barracuda." She will only consent to be interviewed by Charlie Gibson!!! Maybe he'll ask her tough questions like what hairspray she uses for those high-rise 'dos.

Yikes. Sorry to go off!
Allergic Girl® said…
no no i'm with ya! so odd they wouldn't check with heart before using that...when is that interview? is it tonight on abc?
Anonymous said…
Oh wow, that's not a good sign. If McCain and Palin can't ask permission to use a copyrighted song for their rallies...who's to say they won't show us, the people, the same lack of respect? I'm glad you posted this.
How sad they didn't consider the theme to the Titanic!

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