Opentable and Food Allergies


I’m finally convinced that using for those of us with food allergies, food restrictions and special dietary requests (with a resto that is open to these requests and knows how to handle them) is a really, really good idea.

Went to Savoy recently and Sam had told them all about my allergies using Opentable (or as they might say in French, Le Table Qui Est Overt) before our arrival. He actually cut and pasted my list from my blog into the OT site. When we arrived, Savoy had my allergies all nicely typed out, the chef had been informed and they were totally ready for me. They seemed happy to see us, I might add. That's always a big plus.

Then Sam and I did something practically unheard of in this Allergic Girl’s world: we shared dishes. (Sam ordered dishes I could eat as well, which was quite thoughtful).

Just take a minute to soak that in, fellow allergic girls and boys.

Especially, all you parents who write to me about your food allergic children and ask how will they ever live normal lives? Here is proof positive: they too will someday recreate the scene from The Lady and The Tramp just like everyone else. (With whatever food is safe for them).

For apps, I had the homemade pork sausage to start; Sam had tomato and nectarine salad. For entrees, Sam had the lamb and I had the duck. Bites were passed, tastes were savored, dinner was yum. And allergen friendly. Yay, Savoy !

I think Opentable might be my new best tool to recommend to you all. I also think you all knew waaaay before me how much this tool can help.


Jenny said…
Yes! I love that scene from The Lady and the Tramp.

You do indeed give us parents of food-allergic children hope. And we appreciate it!

I am thrilled to hear about Opentable. Thank you for the tip!
spewdfree said…
What a great idea! I will have to try opentable for my son who is 19 months old and allergic to soy,peanuts,eggs,wheat and dairy.
I started a website ,which I thought you might be interested in, because of my son's food allergies. It's
doctorwhy said…
Thanks for the tip! I've just checked it out and noticed that it's especially great because you can just type the list out once in Account Details (following the My Profile link), and it will be automatically appended for all bookings.
Allergic Girl® said…
yeah it's totally cool!
Poker Chick said…
This is an AWESOME tip! Thanks!
Yeah I think Open Table is a great tool and you can even make points to turn into dining dollars. And great that you can use it to your advantage for the food allergies.

We've been using Open Table for 6 years now and always make sure every reservation is with Open Table!

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