Sake-Based Tequila?

From a new daily newsletter Tasting Table (like Daily Candy for foodies here in NYC):

The East Village's community board is notoriously prudish when granting liquor licenses. So when Mercadito's new outpost, Mercadito Cantina, didn't get the nod to serve tequila, it made its own. Sort of. To create a lawful knock-off, booze consultants Tad Carducci and Paul Tanguay, a.k.a. the Tippling Brothers, blended sake (legal under Cantina's beer-and-wine license) with a secret concoction designed to replicate tequila's agave funk and a dash of chile pepper to mimic the alcoholic burn.

Interesting? I wonder if that would be GF safe?


Jenn said…
Sake is fermented rice. I've had hot, cold, cream, and carbonated sake. It does not seem to affect my celiac spure symptoms.

I'm not sure what they mean by blended sake, but I use chili pepper all the time. If I was in NY, I'd be willing to try it.

But now I'm craving a shot of Trantula tequila ;-)
Anonymous said…
Two of my most favorite alcoholic drinks! They cause me the least GI disturbances and with virtually no hangover.
I'd travel to EV just to try the stuff. *hops on plane*

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