Kosher GF Goodies and Free Shipping

This comes from Andrew, our friend at Shabtai *and* in time for Rosh Hashanah next week:

"Shabtai Gourmet produces a full line of Gluten Free, Casein Free, Lactose Free, Soy Free, & Dairy Free Cakes & Cookies. Our Sweets are baked in a dedicated facility, and are certified Kosher Parve & Kosher for Passover by the OK Labs.

Our mission is to produce Allergen Free products that allow our customers to feel comfortable with the dietary restrictions they are required to keep. Shabtai bakes Desserts that have been compared to mainstream bakery sweets such as Little Debbie, Hostess, and Drakes Cakes! Try our Ring Ting Cupcakes or our Brownie Bites - perfect for snacking on the go.

Did we mention: the shipping is FREE!"

Thanks for all your do Andrew and Cindy in supporting Kosher and gluten-free communities!


asameee said…
my family & i are allergic to soo many things what do you advise to be the best allergy test one can conduct? great blog btw!
Theresa said…
Thanks now I'm craving cupcakes!
Kelly said…
My family suffers from all kinds of allergies, including GI allergies like gluten and processed foods. have you read michael pollen's famous book, In Defense of Food? it reinforces to me the reasons why we should eat similarly to the way you do! Glad to have seen your blog thanks to blogs of note, take care and happy blogging!

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WendyS MSW said…
I always look for the kosher symbol on products. It's a quick way for me to know there isn't any shellfish in the product. My friend whose daughter has severe dairy allergies, however, has run into problems with kosher. She found a fantastic kosher bakery where they claimed all of their goodies were dairy free. She bought some for her daughter to try and low and behold, she became quite ill. Turns out there was dairy in the baked goods, just not your usual "milk" obvious ingredients. Always read labels carefully.
Drooling......they have this at my local health food store.

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