Title of Show, NYC

So Fab Foodie One Shari Bayer and I saw [title of show] this holiday weekend, wading through the Brazilian day parade to get to the theater. From the moment the lights went down, I felt like everyone was in on a joke that I knew nothing about. There was laughing practically before the show even started.

What was going on here?

As the show progressed it became abundantly clear: the [title of show] show was brought to Broadway through a completely viral campaign that was started by a wish, a will-into-being kind of dealio. And its viralness was what brought everyone into the theater and had them in on the joke waaaay before moi.

Here’s some background on the "secret" nature of how the show got toe the Great White Way, from HuffPo:"Hunter and Jeff started with a deadline to enter a musical theater festival, then came up with an idea and wrote "[title of show]" in three weeks. They made it into the festival where they performed the show about themselves writing a show to get into said festival. Shortly after, the musical was offered an off-Broadway run at the Vineyard Theater in Manhattan, where a new ending (and thus, a new goal) was added: get the show to Broadway. After the Vineyard run and the release of their cast album, things grew quiet. "We didn't have anything immediately on the horizon for Broadway," admits Hunter. But they didn't give up. Instead, they turned to the Internet, and YouTube, to help them achieve their goal. "This is really embarrassing to admit," says Bell, "but we watched the DVD of The Secret and it said to put what you want out in the world and it will come to you." So Hunter, Jeff, Susan, and Heidi created The [title of show] Show. Their first episode began with the announcement that [tos] was headed to Broadway. "We don't know how, we don't know when or where. I guess those are three things we have to work on." And work they did, airing nine webisodes, including a Christmas show, featuring Broadway celebrities like Cheyenne Jackson (Xanadu), Jonathan Groff (Spring Awakening), and John Tartaglia (Avenue Q) among others."

Here’s a snippet from a Playbill.com interview with one the stars about their Secret moment: "Susan Blackwell: I had a secret hope that there would be a place for it on Broadway. I was afraid to be verbal about admitting that. I still had to get up everyday and go to my day job. If I started getting too pie-in-the-sky and too optimistic, I was afraid it would be too painful to go back to the life of just getting up and doing the nine-to-five. So I kind of kept it to myself and was secretly hopeful. As things progressed, Hunter and Jeff and I got together one afternoon and we laid on my bed, and we watched "The Secret." We had a conversation and we decided that — it sounds so cheesy — but we decided, "What if we really did put it out there? What if we really did say out loud, 'This is what we want, and this is who we are.'" . . . [We were] doing "The [title of show]" shows and putting it out there and saying things like, "We're going to Broadway. We don't know how or when or where. We have to figure those things out but we're going to Broadway." Before we had a theatre, before we had a total green light from our producers, I said to Hunter and Jeff, "This is the most public risk I have ever taken in my life." It's a little bit like Sean Young going on "David Letterman" dressed as Catwoman, because she was angling to get that part. I was like, "This is either going to be an amazing success story, or it is going to be a big 'wah-wah!'" [Laughs.] . . . It just felt like an enormous risk. I hoped that we would get to Broadway, but I was afraid to say it out loud because it seemed like such a risk. But with the strength of my brothers, we sort of held hands and took that leap in a public way. I feel very fortunate that it's turned out this way."

Cheesy yes, but they are on Broadway folks and being adored by fans from near and far. They willed their dream into being. And it was a huge dream to get to Broadway! They must be pinching themselves everyday. And having so much fun! [It looks like fun!]

It’s been on my mind, about manifesting your dreams and wishes--what do you all think?


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