Late Summer Greenmarket Bounty

Came back from my local greenmarket where they were handing out free copies of a new food mag. (I had read about it earlier on Grub Street.) So I thought I'd take some pictures in my newly painted kitch. It's Peacock Blue, aka Miami in my Cucina.

Veggie bounty with a magazine--we both have cranberry beans!

Everything washed, topped and tailed and ready for the fridge:

Wormy worm who hitched a ride with the yellow cherry tomatoes:

Wormy on the move:

Hmm maybe I'll whip up one of these recipes from the Bitt minus the worm, natch.

PS I set the worm free outside, I couldn't bear to smush it.


I'm glad you didn't smush the worm! Nice blog.
Lead Character: said…
wish i could give up meat and eat like that. too difficult and costly to be a vegetarian here in the philippines, though.
Shakespere said…
Wow. I can't imagine going a day without the food I cherish most.
You've done well.
brittxo said…
hahaha goood work:)
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you didn't smush the worm too :D haha.

And congrats on being able to uphold your diet.
Irene said…
I have been trying to be gluten-free, processed-free, and keep my kids from eating the stuff. Have my successes, but still finding difficult to do in the day to day run. I am glad I discovered your blog (through Blogger). I have added you to my favorites and will visit back soon!
Marimoy said…
Awe! It was a sulfur caterpillar. I am glad you didn't squish him!
Nisha said…
semms some non-veg creeped into the veggies:-)
Nisha said…
that worm is lapping up its 15 minutes of fame!!

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