Blueberry Cake, Namaste

I had some leftover samples from Namaste that were up over a year ago; I decided to bake the "Sugar-Free Muffin mix" anyway. Waste not...

I made it into a cake instead of muffins. If cake can be made into muffins, why not a muffin mix into cake? I made sure not to over-mix the delicate batter and added raw brown sugar, organic frozen blueberries and some extra sugar on top, which formed a lovely, almost crackle-crust. (Yes, I over-baked a bit but the blueberries helped to keep it moist. Overall, a very good experiment.)

Voila! My morning breakfast coffee cake. Oh so yum. Thank you again, Namaste.

Blueberry Cake:

Even closer:


Meghann said…
Looks delish! I love blueberry coffee cake - try adding a few organic chocolate chips next time if you're able...too sinfully delicious :D
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks meghann. oh goodness, choc chips - such a good idea. but them could i call it breakfast? ;-)

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