“Don’t Blow It”, Schering-Plough

(courtesy of Schering-Plough)

I don’t usually pass this stuff along, especially from Big Pharma, but this seems like a smart partnership: a new online health game called “Don’t Blow It” developed by Schering-Plough with American Forests, to help teach people about nasal allergies and improve air quality.

"For every unique player, a low-allergenic tree will be planted up to our goal of 20,000 trees. Why? Because studies suggest that higher levels of carbon dioxide and a warmer atmosphere may increase pollen production, in turn triggering nasal allergy symptoms. And tree planting is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air."

And the game is cute. Ronny the Nose, see the nose above, has a personality, the music isn’t irritating and I played a few rounds much to my delight. My inner five year old was cheering every time I hit a Doc or Rx and had an allergy-free halo.

My sense is that for little kids there might be positive reinforcement through the “Don’t Blow It” game to take meds that will help decrease allergy symptoms. Even I could feel the tug and I’m usually med compliant. And a tree will planted as well!

Good stuff.


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