Homeopathy, Food Allergies

I know you all know that there are NO FDA approved cures for food allergies. The only treatment is avoidance.

However, over the Twitter-sphere, through Food Allergy Buzz (thanks lady!) she linked to this press release from Allertherapy. She also wrote a posting about this company.

I am thrilled to see FAAN address the claims this company makes.

Have a read of FAAN's official response.

See a board certified allergist to explore your options and your needs regarding food allergies.

AAAAI.org can hep you find an allergist near you.


Heidi Miller said…
Watched the report last night and am sort of feeling unsettled after watching the little girl "pass" her food challenge. If it was not the peanuts that caused her horrible reaction, what was it? As a parent, I would not be able to sleep at night without having that answer. As with all things food allergy related, too many questions, too few answers!
zebe912 said…
I agree that no product homeopathic or not should be touted as a "cure all," especially for something life threatening like anaphalaxis reactions. However, I have had very good luck treating various health conditions with homeopathics, so I think its important not to totally write them off as junk science.

As with ANY health treatment, you should visit a professional who is very skilled in using the chosen tool (whether medical, homeopathic, chiropractic, etc.) and take advantage of their knowledge. I do have good response to homeopathic allergy treatment, but I take it AFTER I react to something (environmental generally, not food so much) not before. Homeopathics aren't generally intended for "profolactic" (aka advanced) treatments.
Marty said…
I have had fabulous results with my allergic rhinitis with over the counter homeopathics. Now that I've been diagnosed with multiple food allergies I will be on the prowl for a remedy tailor made for food allergies. I'll keep you posted. If someone wants the name of what I used for my hay fever, e-mail me thru my blog and I will give it to you.

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