Neti Pot, Seasonal Allergies

I had written about the neti pot for last summer. And now the New York Times has done a short piece on its effectiveness.

Bottom line they say: “Studies suggest that nasal irrigation can reduce sinus and allergy symptoms.”

Great news for allergy suffers especially as it’s low cost, non-invasive, non-medical, non-sleep inducing and all natural.


Unknown said…
Oohhh...but it feels so yucky!

I do think it helps but I am nearly hyperventilating while I do it because I almost have this drowning sensation. Of course I still hold my nose when I jump in a pool...
Unknown said…
While the netti pot is good, the head positioning involved is a bit awkward. I tend to recommend the NeilMed rinse bottle, which utilizes a bit more pressure and is more efficient. It is sold by the same company and is generally preferred by both ENT's and allergists. This device is the hidden secret to good sinus/nasal health and can pre-emptively treat a sinus infection by irrigating the sinuses before mucus can become stagnant and infected.
Allergic Girl® said…
FAA: actually i somehow got over the ick factor, it's easier than you think. try it!

thanks for the info matt.

nasal irrigation folks, it helps.

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