Opus, NYC


I had heard about them last summer. If any of you follow NYC food press, I’m sure you had as well: gluten-free pizza and pasta on the Upper East Side. Seemed too good to be true—I was looking forward to trying it out.

However, as you know, GF doesn’t necessarily mean great for those of us with food allergies (other than wheat) so I went but with a question about how they would handle all of my needs.

The first time I went to Opus, introduced myself to the host, manager and co-owner Enzo. I explained my needs, smiled lots. Enzo said, “Sure, we can handle that, easy.” I also spoke with his brother, co-owner and Executive Chef, Guiseppe about their GF menu as well as my fish and tree-nut allergies. I wanted to try the GF pasta with Bolognese and asked if that would that be safe. “Absolutely,” he said and proceeded to list the ingredients.


Not merely did I try the GF pasta (they use a corn based brand from Italy with great texture; tastes like the “real thing” to me at least) but I began to crave the GF pasta with Bolognese after I left. So I have been back again. The third time I went, we had the same waiter as before who had remembered my allergies: all of them.


A total neighborhood hang, brothers working both the front and back of house, the lovely Annamarie at the bar, the mama who makes homemade Limoncello (it’s grain alcohol based and way too good-here’s Danny Devito drunk on his own brand of Limoncello), it’s a family affair at Opus. They clearly take pride in what they do and are pleased to be offering delicious options to the gluten-free community. As for other allergies, they can handle that too. Just ask for Enzo. And maybe one of these Saturday nights you’ll see me
at the front corner table, laughing with a big bowl of GF pasta and Bolognese.

1574 2nd Ave, (At 82nd St)
New York 10028
(212) 772-2220


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