My 2009 Passover

Happy Passover, Allergic Girl readers!

What are you doing for your holidays? Cooking? Going to a friend's seder? Traveling to family nearby? Or heading out to see the in-laws?

Regardless of where you might be headed, if you have any dietary restrictions, any holiday can be extra-stressful, for sure.

What to bake or make or bring?

Gluten Free NYC has a great roundup of GF products for Passover. Great job, David! (By the way these places are closed by now but good to know for next year!)

As for me, I’m being incredibly lazy and not using any free-from products for the first night. (Second night is a friend’s house for a Sephardic pesach and she also will just make it naturally allergen-friendly for me).

Frankly, I want straightforward, whole foods.

I don’t want to try any specialty food mixes or do research about their GF/DF/NF status: it can be exhausting.

Lucky me, I want exactly what my family is making: a traditional seder plate, brisket, roasted chicken, roasted asparagus, tzimmes and nut-free haroseth. No matzoh balls this year GF or regular; everyone fills up on them and can’t eat anything else.

How are you handling your holidays this year?

UPDATE: Obama had a White House seder. I am in awe.

UPDATE: I'm actually attending three seders this year; I'm very lucky. First one was Monday at City Winery, which I Tweeted about. They created their own Haggadah which was super cool.

I used City Winery's Haggadah on Wednesday to lead our seder.

Here's the table:

Here's the inevitable laughing:

It was the most interesting table discussion about Darfur and Katrina and global community responsibility; slavery, freedom, political activism and even Catholicism (we had some Catholic peeps at the table).

Tonight will be more traditional and lovely; Sephardic foods and Ashkenazi Haggadah.


Thanks for the nod...and thanks also for that informative post about smooching!
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks david. you really did a great job. pesach at your house is gonna be fun, i hope you post about it.

and glad too that the kissing post was informative, difficult topic to tackle.
I hope you have a wonderful and safe Passover! Our Easter dinner is going to be mostly whole foods this year too. Nothing that specifically says (free from). It's actually easier for me to do. I will bake "free from" cookies, but they will be home made and not from a box :) Enjoy your holiday!
Poker Chick said…
We found a decent sweet potato "kugel" recipe and also made an eggless chocolate mousse (has dairy though). And I'm pleased to share this newfound AMAZING recipe for chocolate caramel matzah. Enjoy life chocolate chips, butter or margarine, brown sugar and matzah.

Happy Passover!

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