Mo Rocca, My Grandmother’s Ravioli

One of my findest memories about my mother’s mother, Betty, is how she would make me pancakes. She would pour them into the pan in the shapes of animals, like bunnies and even Mickey Mouse – truly magical. Was it some special recipe? Yes, it was the recipe of food made with grandparent love.

Mo Rocca knows about the specialness of grandparents and he has created a new 13-episode show called My Grandmother’s Ravioli which captures that special grandparent recipe goodness. It starts tomorrow night, Wednesday October 24, 2012 at 8:30pm ET on the Cooking Channel. I had a chance to see an early preview of this new show as well as attend the launch party. (One of the Food Network execs and I got to talking and wouldn’t you know, he’s allergic to peanuts!) Here are some pictures of the party:

Mo talking about his new show
Mo and some of the grandmothers - you can see their audition tapes here
The set list of passed hors d'oeuvres
Food prep in the open Food Network kitchen
Chefs prepping food in the open Food Network kitchen

Many of you I know will be thinking "...but my child with food allergies can’t have the recipes that I grew up with!" That’s okay, they will have new ones that your parents will create for them with your help. And they will be every bit as special because there is nothing like grandparents love. Tune in and watch this sweet show and go get cooking with those grandparents!


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