Angie's Popcorn

New brand name. New website.  New flavors. New packaging. New allergen policy.

Lots of “new” and news over at formerly Angie’s Kettle Corn now Angie’s.

I saw Angie’s at Natural Products Expo East where there were unveiling all the goodies. Here’s me and Angie in a sweet and salty hug!

I’ve now had a chance to try the Sweet and Spicy which, OMG, I LOVE. And today I tried their low calorie line: BoomChickAPop flavors of plain and lightly kettled (that’s my word for it). The plain was delish and the lightly kettled, well, I like a full on sweet and salty but if you are watching calories this will give you a hint of sweet and some fiber and whole grain. A decent option for sure.

The main question and concern here is the food allergen statement. Back when I first met Angie’s and worked with them to clarify their allergen messaging they were top eight free.

That has now changed as they make products in three different facilities; they used to just make popcorn in one place and they have added products with dairy and chocolate.

*From Angie’s about their chocolate drizzled products (which I haven’t yet tried): “Our chocolate coating has milk and soy in it. All though there are no nuts in the chocolate coating, it is not certified nut free.”*

I’m excited about Angie’s expansion. As I know Angie (she was a psychiatric nurse), I know she really understands the importance of clear food allergy messaging as well as a clean facility.

But please, don’t take my word for it. I know you have questions about the change-over and the new products. They welcome your questions and comments. Contact them anytime to talk about your needs.

Congratulations Angie’s on all of these wonderful and delicious expansions!


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