Tonewood Maple

So much to love about maple.

The sweet childhood memories maple evokes of waffles and bacon made by my dad; he’s an excellent cook and baker.

Maple's so purely American. When I lived in England to do my senior year abroad at Oxford University, they didn’t have maple syrup. Or rather, there were some tiny, overpriced, imported jugs in one specialty shop in the Covered Market but no one knew what to do with it. Don’t worry, we Americans showed them how.

I love maple syrup, especially Grade B that I discovered during my MFA at Bennington College, Bennington, Vermont - only Vermonters were using it back then.

I love the candy, that melt in your mouth quality when it is crystallizes and is formed into shapes of leaves and little people.

But now I have two more ways to love maple. Tonewood Maple sent me two special samples: creamed maple and flakes of maple. Flakes? Yes. Through a special process (freeze drying is my guess), they turn maple syrup into a flakes sugar product ready for sprinkling on oatmeal or on savory dishes alike. One of my testers (Henry from my book Allergic Girl) used it in coffee, and said it was a "rich taste edition". Creamed maple is very much like creamed honey – there is no cream, it’s simply whipped up and becomes an emulsion, spreadable on your favorite allergen-friendly pastries and breads.

Tonewood Maple only makes maple products –  no allergens.

And they have an adopt a maple tree program – love it, Tonewood Maple

Very happy to add a new maple purveyor to my collection. I just need to say it again: maple cream. Oh my. Thank you, Tonewood Maple!


zebe912 said…
My family makes syrup, so I'm spoiled that I get to have a supply on hand at all times. I started using it in my coffee, and now no other sweetener can ever live up. The darkest syrup gives an amazing sweet nutty flavor, YUMM!

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